“Off Season” – what’s that?!

Off-season aka winter is a great time to visit the Finger Lakes. Check out this list of fun winter happenings, including our Valentine’s Day package, from our friends at the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce

Watkins Glen Travel & Tourism

We see the majority of our visitors during the warmer months – May through October. The other six months of the year (November through April) are sometimes referred to as the “off-season”. But that seasonal decrease in visitation is becoming less and less with each passing year.

Visitors are realizing that coming during the cooler months affords many benefits – lower rates, personalized service and attention, a more relaxing atmosphere, and special events – all of which is drawing more to the area. There are plenty of things to do. Not to mention, winter is truly beautiful here!


You can keep up on the latest winter event announcements, deals, and more by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Plus, our website provides a wealth of information, a public events calendar, hot deals, and more to plan your trip. Or you can always give us a call…

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