When in New York, Drink New York…

The Grand Tasting of the New York Drinks New York initiative kicks off today at the Astor Center in New York City. This event, featuring tastings exclusive to trade and media and consumers, is the culmination of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation’s efforts to promote New York wines in New York City to ultimately add New York wines to wine lists and store shelves.

Throughout the initiative, which functions more as an “exchange program,” New York City wine writers, sommeliers, and wine store managers are invited to experience the various wine regions of New York state to get first-hand understanding of their geography, people and wines, and likewise, representatives of the participating wineries are invited into New York City for market orientation and networking opportunities.

Another component of NY Drinks NY, and a unique one at that, is Harvest House, where New York City wine enthusiasts come to the Finger Lakes for a week long hands-on learning experience in the midst of harvest at various wineries, Glenora being one of them. Each day is spent working harvest at a different winery, while each night ends in meals featuring the agricultural bounty of the region.

The third annual Grand Tasting today in lower Manhattan is the final piece of the puzzle each year. Gene Pierce, our owner, and Steve DiFrancesco, winemaker, are both in attendance, pouring wines of both Glenora and Knapp Winery. In many cases, individuals who took part in components of the promotion earlier in the year, attend the final tasting, allowing opportunities for interaction with the wineries once more.

We look forward to hearing of the tastings’ success!

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